Today we zoom into processed food. I almost feel that this topic in unnecessary to focus on, just because it is actually quite obvious if you really think about it. Putting stuff into your body that your body was not originally designed or created to digest cannot be beneficial, right? Yet, so many people continue to eat processed food, so there must be some confusion. Below is a short clip that shows us how seemingly healthy processed food contain much more sugar that fresh food. If the “healthy” processed food has this much sugar, just think how bad the obviously unhealthy food must be for us, especially when adding all those chemicals!

What are processed foods?

In the previous insert on grains I already touched on this topic by explaining how the nutritional value changes when grains are refined. That is a perfect example of the processed food we are referring to here: when a natural food product has been modified, usually chemically, to create a different kind of texture, taste, look, etc., or to make the product last longer. In many cases chemicals are added to the food, especially in the case of meat (nuggets, viennas, polony), or snacks (anything and everything in crinkly packets). Another big issue with processed food is the amount of sugar that is added to make the product more desirable. Even seemingly healthy food, like health bread, yogurt, juices, and muesli is loaded with harmful amounts of sugar.

The health risk.

There are many health risks linked to the consumption of processed food. I am not going to elaborate too much on this topic, but I will post some links that I hope you will read through if you are not already convinced to stay away from processed food:

-Nine reasons to never eat processed food
-Top 10 cancer causing food 
-Processed meats do cause cancer

The alternative.

uIf you are so used to eating all these processed food it can be an overwhelming thought to transition to healthy whole, real food. It can be a good idea to get a good cookbook to give you some guidelines, or to talk to others who are also on the journey of good nutrition. Try replacing one “bad” item a week with a healthy alternative, and soon you will find that it is easier that you thought! For snacks you can easily make your own crispy chips or air popped popcorn that is not time consuming.

Just click on this link, I am sure it will motivate you!

Our feature recipe for today is vegetable nuggets with broccoli, cauliflower, and potato. Nuggets are a good way to camouflage healthy food when your children are used to take away nuggets, and you need to make the transition subtly. The bonus of this recipe is that it freezes well, so you can make it in bulk and add it to the lunchbox whenever you need a filler.

Remember to replace the bread with potato!

Healthy, happy eating!

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